Things I think are scathingly brilliant: Bob Grawi

Chess in the round Bob Grawi

Chess in the round by Bob Grawi

Living as I do with a games nut who is particularly partial to chess, this is a must have!   A fantastic looking board also appeals to the aesthetically inclined.   I found this gem whilst browsing for handmade musical instruments as the very talented inventor of this game also makes all manner of other things.  Included amongst his creations is this wonder:

Gravicord by Bob Grawi

Gravikord by Bob Grawi

This is the ‘Gravikord’ , an electric double harp developed from the West African kora; patented & trademarked by Bob Grawi.  Innovative & a beautiful design.   Take a look at these & some of Bob’s other amazing work at his online store NewMuse


Upcoming Exhibition!

Technical Tamara paper sculpture

Technical Tamara is about to make her debut as part of a Melbourne Fringe Festival exhibition from September 23rd until October 11th .   She’s very excited to be taking part in ‘Echo’s Lost’, an exploration of memory and what is left behind when the memory fades.

She & her companions from 14 other Omnific Assembly artists will be available for viewing 24 hours a day in the window of Circa Vintage Clothing store,  102 Gertrude St, Fitzroy.    Of course if you go during Circa’s opening hours you can also be tempted by their gorgeous collection of vintage treasures too!

Things I think are scathingly brilliant: Meliors Simms

Membranes by Meliors

This is just one of the amazing works by artist Meliors Simms, who creates magic with text & book forms in Hamilton, New Zealand.   A staggering 2.4m tall (8ft), this enveloping piece made from sheer fabric with appliqued text is a book of monumental proportions & enveloping softness.    There’s more views of it as well as other incredibly beautiful pieces available here

Things I think are scathingly brilliant: Deconstructress

deconstructress the scream gown

Drool!  This truly amazing gown by Utah artsist Steph is hand painted with her interpretation of Edvard Munch’s The Scream; no chance of having someone else turn up in the same dress with this one!  Steph’s fabulous creations are either made from scratch or from cleverly recycled wedding dress samples.  Take a look at more of her incredible work in her online store, Deconstructress.