Things I think are scathingly brilliant: benconservato

Ern Malley 4Ern Malley coverErn Malley 2

Wonderful 16 page (including covers) screen printed book ‘The Ern Malley Affair : Le Scandale Ern Malley’ by Sydney artist Emma Kidd.

This is a  inspired by the poems of Ern Malley “The Darkening Ecliptic”, one of Australia’s greatest literary hoaxes (to read more about this: The Ern Malley Poetry Hoax)

Absolutely stunning meld of hand pulled screen printing & mixed media make up this wonderful art object; just perfect for the poet, history lover, delighter in hoaxes or art collector in your life!  More of Emma’s work is available at her store benconservato


Things I think are scathingly brilliant: Clay Lab Detroit


How good would a cup of tea taste when poured from a teapot as magnificent as this?  Incredibly this amazing work of art is also a fully functional, dishwasher safe, microwave safe & food safe teapot.  The very cool atomic design is fully hand built; no mass production moulded run of same sameness here!

For more work by the very talented Detroit artist Carrie Armstrong Reid, who is studying at the  College for Creative Studies in Detroit, have a look at her website ClayLab.

Things I think are scathingly brilliant: Unique Dichroic


Breathtakingly beautiful work by Western Australian glass artist Deborah.   She not only freehand etches her designs into each piece, but also makes the dichroic glass herself!   As amazing as they are on screen; they’re even more spectacular in person.

I recently purchased some of Deborah’s fabulous work & all her pieces are so wonderful that it took me forever to choose just one!   I highly recommend a browse through her beautiful online store UniqueDichroic

Things I think are scathingly brilliant: Joe Papendick


Easily the most spectacular birdfeeders I’ve ever seen; the work of St Louis artist Joe Papendick is out of this world!   Carefully designed as a practical, secure place to allow birds to gather & feed ; they’re also beautiful sculptural pieces in their own right.  They stand  a fabulous 6 feet tall & are constructed with steel ; including a clever stainless steel screen tray to hold the food whilst allowing water drainage ; these beauties will probably outlast you!

View more of Joe’s amazing pieces at his store or see what he’s working on at his blog.

Things I think are scathingly brilliant: Ray Vincente Eclectic

RayVin123 smoking jacket

Take a look at this striking smoking jacket by Ray Vincente.  Absolutely breathtaking design for the confident man; those cuffs & collar appear so simple & effortlessly beautiful.   Love the details & the cut of this jacket; so stylish!

More of Ray’s outstanding use of fabric to enhance both men & women are available in his store RayVin123

Definitely a designer to watch.

My latest brilliant idea

darkness music linocut

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the images I create only being part of the story, so printing on text adds another layer of storytelling.  It’s still never going to be the whole story of course; since much of that is what the viewer will make up themselves.  That’s what I’m aiming for anyway;  art that engages people with multi layered possibilities.

More of my work can be seen in the gallery page here My Brilliant Ideas & is available for purchase at ScathinglyBrilliant .  I’m currently organising a number of exhibitions for later in the year; I’ll update details as soon as they’re final.

Things I think are scathingly brilliant: Coralia

coralia cuff

This breathtakingly beautiful piece is by New South Wales artist Simone Russell.   Incredibly fine pure silver hand woven metalwork accented with pearls & crystals; wouldn’t you love to have this glistening on your wrist?    Simone’s metalwork is inspired by the coral reefs of the Pacific; more stunningly beautiful pieces are available at Coralia.