Things I think are scathingly brilliant: I’m a Sally Pants

Imasallypants candlestickImasallypants candlestick1

These clever, quirky & eminently practical candlesticks are dreamt up & then cold welded into being by an Illinois PhD student in her spare time (apparently sleep is optional; who has spare time while undertaking a PhD in anything?) when she’s not studying history.   Such attractive pieces with a sense of humor to match their robust nature; just love it!   Even her store I’m A Sally Pants has a sense of fun, with the slogan ‘where form mocks function’!


Things I think are scathingly brilliant: Coralia

coralia cuff

This breathtakingly beautiful piece is by New South Wales artist Simone Russell.   Incredibly fine pure silver hand woven metalwork accented with pearls & crystals; wouldn’t you love to have this glistening on your wrist?    Simone’s metalwork is inspired by the coral reefs of the Pacific; more stunningly beautiful pieces are available at Coralia.