Things I think are scathingly brilliant: Deconstructress

deconstructress the scream gown

Drool!  This truly amazing gown by Utah artsist Steph is hand painted with her interpretation of Edvard Munch’s The Scream; no chance of having someone else turn up in the same dress with this one!  Steph’s fabulous creations are either made from scratch or from cleverly recycled wedding dress samples.  Take a look at more of her incredible work in her online store, Deconstructress.


Things I think are scathingly brilliant: Unique Dichroic


Breathtakingly beautiful work by Western Australian glass artist Deborah.   She not only freehand etches her designs into each piece, but also makes the dichroic glass herself!   As amazing as they are on screen; they’re even more spectacular in person.

I recently purchased some of Deborah’s fabulous work & all her pieces are so wonderful that it took me forever to choose just one!   I highly recommend a browse through her beautiful online store UniqueDichroic